Rates: Gold Dollar (1/50 oz.) : $38.79 , Silver Dollar (1 oz.) : $37.18 , Goldback (1/1000 oz.) : $3.41

Alpine Gold



Choice in Currency

For all practical purposes, there exists in the United States today four distinct monetary standards: paper (including base metal coin,

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Tax/Legal Issues

The sections that follow outline the historic, judicial and statutory basis for U.S. citizens to exercise informed choice in currency.

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Using Gold as Money

UPMA™ members are eligible to participate in the association’s Liquid Gold™ program by which they can hold and spend gold

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Gold and Silver Dollars

Functionally, the United States today has four distinct legal tender currency standards—Gold, Silver, Platinum and Federal Reserve Note (“paper”) dollars

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Privacy Policy

Overview As provided in the applicable member agreement of the United Precious Metals Association (“UPMA”), each member agrees to accept

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Monetary Intent

One important factor in determining the tax treatment of a particular transaction appears to be taxpayer intent. In Thorne and Wilson,

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Common Provisions

The following provisions apply with respect to all documents which explicitly incorporate them by reference: Gold Clause. Parties to any agreement

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Common Definitions

The following terms have special meaning when used in documents which explicitly incorporate them by reference including hyperlink destinations sustained

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Mintage Moratorium

Ever since the Coinage Act of 1965, by which President Johnson dispensed with the Constitutional silver dollar standard that had

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Fee Schedule

Exchanges & Withdrawals: Members may exchange any amount of Paper Dollars for Gold/Silver Dollars or Goldbacks® at UPMA’s daily rates.

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