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Grow with a Precious Metals IRA

Gold-Funded Options

UPMA members have the unique opportunity to diversify their retirement portfolios beyond stocks and bonds through a Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA. Unlike traditional IRAs, a precious metals IRA allows you to invest in physical assets like gold and silver coins, and Goldbacks. These accounts not only serve as a safeguard against fluctuations in the market but also offer the potential to generate attractive returns over the long term.

Unique Program Features

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated IRA specialists will assist you step-by-step in creating an IRA account with Accuplan and transferring funds from existing retirement accounts.

Guaranteed Returns 

The program includes leasing options for metal assets. This allows you to earn returns on your gold tender investments while maintaining your position in the market. For example the readily available 2 – 3 ½% returns from leasing your Goldback.

Low Fees

A Flat Custodial Fee of $195 per year for metals based account or $350 a year with the option to place some of your IRA investment in other supported investments such as Real Estate.

Flexibility & Control

With a Self-Directed IRA you have the flexibility to invest in a broader range of assets that you hold and control. Allowing you to align your portfolio with your personal investment strategy.

Safeguard Against Inflation 

Gold and silver legal tender have long been recognized as stores of value and can enhance diversification of your portfolio and reduce risk exposure.

Zero Hassle

Enjoy the benefits without the hassle or risk of storage and insurance. 100% Physical Metal Reserves for non-lease assets are kept in our secure vaults and we are 100% Insured by Lloyds of London.

Referral Bonuses & Community Benefits

To encourage members to spread the word about the advantages of asset preservation and maintaining buying power, members have the opportunity to earn rewards by distributing their unique referral link. Our United Precious Metals Association referral program rewards customers with 0.5% on Gold and Silver coins and 2% on Goldback investments made by referred members. This enhances the value of your investment, encourages program growth, and can effectively offset the cost of custodial and vaulting fees.

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