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Your trusted partner inSound Money Services

As a UPMA service partner, Alpine Gold is proud to offer the most liquid precious metals accounts in the world.

Feature-Rich, Member-Focused Benefits

Our metal leases & additional services present a unique opportunity for you to safeguard against inflation, while still earning a competitive return.

We Help You Maintain
& Grow Value

Alpine Gold Exchange is a proud service partner of the UPMA (United Precious Metals Association). UPMA aims to provide viable choices in currency; offering accounts denominated in U.S. minted gold and silver dollars as well as free Goldback accounts. 

We are proud to offer our members Gold & Silver Leasing Services, which allow you to protect your investments without sacrificing earning potential. 


Easily Shop & Purchase Precious Metals Online

Purchase and store precious metals through Alpine Gold with our enhanced member security features –
your wealth will weather any banking holiday or financial crisis. 

Trusted Security for
Your Gold & Silver

Americans lose billions of dollars each year from digital theft. While cryptocurrencies have provided more options, they haven’t fully dealt with this problem. But – no hacker can digitally steal from a UPMA account because all the wealth is sitting in a physical vault.

A Vetted Solution for Building Wealth

Discover the power & resilience of precious metals for your portfolio