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Warranty and Returns Policy

Date: 1/1/2023

Address: 333 S. Main Street, Alpine UT, 84004

This policy covers product warranty and return policy for both online and in network UPMA purchases of Specie Legal Tender currencies and Goldback currencies as well as other related products such as wallets.

Product Quality Warranty:

All currency products are guaranteed to contain the advertised precious metal content as listed on the website. US Minted coinage is guaranteed to be valid legal tender coins with all of the associated markings, weight and composition requirements. Furthermore, Goldback currencies carry a 30-day warranty to protect against delamination of the tri-level structure. To claim replacement or refund of any Goldbacks suspected of being defective, the currency must be returned to the above address with the original purchase receipt. Determination of the defect and the applicable warranty coverage will be at the sole discretion of the Quality Assurance team at Alpine Gold Exchange. There is no warranty against Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalo or Silver Eagle condition as long as the above requirements are met.

Product Return Policy:

For any damaged currencies, Alpine Gold will pay for shipment back to the above address as a refund either in the client’s UPMA account or via a check if the product is determined to qualify for the above warranty coverage. Replacement products will be shipped to the customer at no additional costs. If the customer desires to return any undamaged product to Alpine Gold for a refund, a 5% fee will be assessed to account for handling costs and normal buy/sell spread typical of precious metal purchases. This fee applies whether the purchase was made on the eCommerce site or via a
withdrawal from a UPMA account.

If a request to process the refund via a credit card, an additional 3.5% will be applied to cover the payment processing fee. There will be no fee for a check sent to the address on file. Wire fees will be covered by the customer in all cases and will only be offered for refunds exceeding $10,000.