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How to Initiate a Gold or Goldback Lease

Earn 2%-3.5% APR

Like a CD in the bank, our Gold and Silver Leases enable you to still own your precious metal legal tender, but put them to work and earn interest in the like metal. Gold dollars and goldbacks in UPMA accounts can be allocated to leases at any time, once the deposits for those purchases have fully cleared. Gold coin leases payout at 2% APR. Goldback leases payout from 2%-3.5% APR. However silver leases are not available for the time being.

Fractional interest payments are made into UPMA accounts monthly.

You can always add to your lease. If you have any additional amounts of goldbacks equal to or more than 100 goldbacks, you can add that amount to any existing lease and it will roll it into the current lease amount.