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Become an Authorized Partner

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Lead the adoption of gold & silver in your local community.

Alpine Gold Authorized Partners

Get equipped with resources, tools, educational materials and support to elevate your local impact. We invite driven individuals to join our Authorized Partner Program.

  • Add value to your community
  • Promote sound money solutions
  • Earn revenue through commissions
  • Become an advocate for financial freedom
  • Onboard & support Goldback accepting businesses

Approved Authorized Partners have access to advanced and dedicated resources and support based on your level of certification. The greater your involvement, the more benefits and support you will receive. To qualify for approval and maintain approved status, you must be able to fully demonstrate that you meet the minimum introductory performance targets in areas including:

Ethical Behavior: Authorized Partners represent Alpine Gold Exchange, Goldback, and UPMA and as such must conduct business following AGE’s code of conduct.

Pre-Qualification Form

Authorized Partner Pre-Qualification Form
Authorized Partners are an active sales force in the field and it is expected that they contribute a minimum of 3 hours per week/ 15 hours per month to merchant search, support, and onboarding. Can you regularly meet this time commitment?
AP Commissions are currently paid quarterly. For the first quarter of sales, commissions will be prorated. Commissions can be paid out directly into the UPMA account of the AP.