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South Dakota Goldback Details

The South Dakota Goldback, a radiant new addition to our esteemed collection, is now available for you to explore.

Discover the essence of South Dakota’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty through these exquisite pieces. 

Here’s a glimpse of what makes the South Dakota Goldbacks special: 


  • 1 Goldback – Pax (Peace): A stunning representation of peace in Lakota regalia hoop dancing, promoting unity and harmony. 
  • 5 Goldback – Industria (Industry): Captures Industria amidst South Dakota’s hardworking settlers and farmers, symbolizing dedication and industry. 
  • 10 Goldback – Harmonia Harmony): Presents Harmonia as a modern Artemis, emphasizing ecological balance and harmony.
  • 25 Goldback – Laurea (Honor): Inspired by the legend of Minnecotah, celebrating unwavering commitment to honor and true love. 
  • 50 Goldback – Libertas (Freedom): Pays homage to Lady Freedom and South Dakota’s motto, showcasing symbols of protection and liberty.


Don’t miss out – order your South Dakota Goldbacks now at and be a part of this extraordinary journey!