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Gold Coin Lease Update

We’re thrilled to announce an incredible enhancement to our Gold coin lease program.


Now, enjoy an increased annual return of 2% (previously 1%)! 

Hurry, as this offer stands until our lease subscription goals are met.


Rest assured, this is a fully collateralized lease, minimizing any risk of loss for the leased metals. Submitting your Gold holdings through your online UPMA account has never been easier. No need for calls or emails. Simply explore the lease terms and conditions during the process. 


Here’s a quick reminder of the key features:

  • Lessors (UPMA members) retain ownership of their leased Gold, while Alpine Gold ensures full insurance and safeguarding during the lease period. 

  • No vaulting fees throughout the lease term(on leased gold), resulting in further potential savings.

  • Lease term is for 1 year and may be renewed.

  • Monthly lease payments in gold coins will be credited to the UPMA member’s account, available for exchange, transfer, or withdrawal as needed. 

  • For early withdrawals before the lease term ends, a 2% fee will be applied.


Seize this opportunity now and make the most of your Gold holdings with Alpine Gold!

1oz Gold Eagle

Gold Eagle Back Gold Eagle Front

1oz Gold Buffalo

Gold Buffalo Back Gold Buffalo Front