Rates: Gold Dollar (1/50 oz.) : $38.79 , Silver Dollar (1 oz.) : $37.18 , Goldback (1/1000 oz.) : $3.41

Alpine Gold


Alpine Gold launches new Lease Program

To supplement the Goldback lease program which has been ongoing for the last couple of years, Alpine Gold has developed a new program allowing a broader set of UPMA members to participate in Goldback leases with a lower minimum threshold as well as the ability to lease Gold and Silver Dollar holdings. The table below outlines the returns and participation levels of this program:

To initiate a lease, a new link has been added to the navigation pane within the member portal. Simply identify the type of metal and the quantity you would like to lease. You will then receive an email confirming receipt of your offer to lease a portion of your metals. This will place your offered metals into a pending status until Alpine Gold is ready to put them to work for you. A separate email will be sent once your offer has been accepted.

For more information or questions, please call UPMA or Alpine Gold directly.