Rates: Gold Dollar (1/50 oz.) : $38.79 , Silver Dollar (1 oz.) : $37.18 , Goldback (1/1000 oz.) : $3.41

Alpine Gold




Goldbacks can either be purchased and shipped to your place or residence or business online HERE or they can be placed in a Goldback online account along with any Gold or Silver Coins and vaulted or leased. To join the UPMA and open a Goldback account, click HERE

Members who fund their online Goldback account may request immediate delivery of Goldbacks in whichever denominations they prefer. It is much like requesting cash to be shipped from a bank or credit union. For example, if your account has 1,000 Goldbacks and you would like delivery then you could request any mix of 1s, 5s, 10s, 25s, and/or 50s.

Note that Goldbacks held in your account never have any vaulting or membership fees. They may be pulled out in any series that is available so funding your Goldback account is a great way to reserve future series.

Goldbacks may be shipped from a member’s account to their residence even if they live overseas*. Goldbacks may also be purchased at the office directly during normal business hours.

How to Order Delivery of Goldbacks

  1. Fund your Goldback Account. These accounts do not have any membership or vaulting fees.
  2. Send an email to info@alpinegold.com requesting delivery of your account holdings (include which denominations and how many you would like in the email).
  3. Wait for the confirmation email.
When requesting your Goldbacks from your account, state which denominations you would like and how many. You will want to add extra funds to cover shipping and insurance at the time you fund your Goldback account, if you are not within driving distance of our Alpine, Utah offices. See below for shipping and insurance choices. Once you place your Goldback order with a staff member, the Goldback price can be locked-in for 10 days. Thus the staff can inform you exactly how much your order will cost, including the cost for shipping and insurance, making it easy to submit the amount in full. Usually, when submitting payments for Goldbacks, the funds will be deposited into the UPMA Goldback account, found on Alpinegold.com. Any electronic transfer of funds, such as through ACH, will be done by the purchaser logging into their Alpinegold.com account and following the necessary prompts online.


  1. Gold holdings
  2. Silver holdings
  3. Any amount in cash, meaning physical bills. However, any amount of cash beyond $9,999 per calendar year will necessitate a FINCEN report.
  4. Personal check payable to Legal Tender Services PLLC. Mail to: Alpine Gold 333 S Main Street, Alpine, Utah 84004
  5. Cashier’s check and/or money orders payable to Legal Tender Services PLLC. Mail to the address above.
  6. Wire. Ask for the instructions to be emailed to you.
  7. Precious metals coins, bars or bullion, either in legal tender or not legal-tender
  8. Debit Card, (Request an invoice through the system when logging in. Does not work over the phone. Give the invoice 24 business hours to show up. There are additional fees).

All communications with Alpine Gold can be done through info@alpinegold.com Alpine Gold office hours are: 10am – 6pm, M-F. 10am – 2pm. The toll-free number is 888-210-8488


  1. $2.00 if you are receiving 15 Goldbacks face value or fewer (shipment takes place in a plain envelope with no tracking or insurance).
  2. $5.50 for a shipment of up to $100 USD value (with tracking, but no insurance).
  3. $8.30 + insurance/handling for shipments over $100 USD value.

As an example, if you order 100 Goldbacks face value with an exchange rate of $3.30 your total shipping cost would be approximately $11.60.  Using the same exchange rate, if you order 500 Goldbacks face value your total shipping cost would be approximately $22.90.

*Shipping prices are subject to change without notice