Rates: Gold Dollar (1/50 oz.) : $38.79 , Silver Dollar (1 oz.) : $37.18 , Goldback (1/1000 oz.) : $3.41

Alpine Gold


0% buy/Sell Spread

Coin dealers typically purchase gold and silver from their clients for much less money than they sell them for. For example, a one ounce gold coin may cost $2,000. However, if you choose to sell that same coin back to the dealer, then they may pay you only $1,850, even if the price hasn’t moved. This is known as a buy/sell spread and it makes it harder to own precious metals if you need to have liquid capital.

At Alpine Gold, UPMA members may redeem their gold and silver that is purchased through us, for cash without any sort of spread for up to $10,000 in any 30 day period.

This is true, so long as the metals are continuously vaulted here. We have been doing this without any major issues since 2012. If you take physical possession of these coins from your account, you should have no expectation of getting a zero spread, even if the same coins are brought back later. The savings from this service could cover 8 years of vaulting on a $50,000 gold account. When more than $10,000 worth of metals is sold within 30 days, then standard rates apply. Metals that are deposited here are treated differently. See the fee schedule for details. Alpine Gold offers UPMA members what we believe to be the most liquid, affordable precious metal accounts on the market.

Note that Goldback accounts do not even have fees associated with them.